Whale Shark Tour


An exhilarating swim with whale sharks, the largest fish in the world.

Between mid October and mid May, juvenile whale sharks gather in the shallow coastal waters of La Paz, and it is our delight to take you on a tour to swim with them! The northerly winds experienced during this time of year pushes nutrient-rich water from the Gulf of California into the shallow bay of La Paz where plankton blooms, creating an enticing feeding habitat for these enigmatic, filter-feeding sharks. Whale sharks are fascinating animals, and we are excited to share everything we know about them with you, from their biology and ecology, to their significance in a place like La Paz.

During the whale shark season, we run tours leaving in the morning or the afternoon. Reservations made at least ten days prior to the tour date can be scheduled in advance and can usually choose their time of preference: 7:00-10:00 am or 1:30-4:30 pm.

Reservations made less than one week in advance depend on the Turn Lottery on the day of the tour, so are difficult to predict. We usually attempt to get into the first turn at 7:00 am or at 1:30 pm. Confirmation of the time occurs on the morning of the outing.

At our shop, you will be provided with a complete snorkel kit including a full wetsuit, and we provide snacks, water to refill your water bottles, and a bilingual guide. After leaving La Paz, we take a short boat ride to the Natural Protected Whale Shark Area, and start looking for the tell-tale signs of an animal swimming nearby.

During this time, we give a brief introduction to the natural history of the sharks, and answer questions about both the animals and what to expect from the experience. Once we spot a shark (we are usually successful), we put on all our gear, and slide in the water to swim alongside them. Sometimes, we can even swim with several sharks at once. If possible, we take identification pictures of each shark to help with the population monitoring that goes on in the Bay. The tour usually takes between 2 and 3 hours, and it is a truly magnificent experience to slide into the water and see these huge but very graceful animals swimming a few feet away.

We seek to operate in the most sustainable manner possible, reducing the impact on the environment and the sharks. Our guiding principles are Safety, Service and Regenerative tourism. All our tours are fully customizable, so if you have a specific idea of the experience you want, and wish to combine the Whale shark tour with a visit to Espiritu Santo Island or other activities, just let us know so we can set it up.

Please contact us regarding availability, and don’t miss out on this wonderful experience. Join us today!!

Tour Details


Mid October – Mid May

Tour Duration

7:00am -10:00 am

1:30pm – 4:30 pm

Tour Fee

*2 guest minimum


  • Snorkel kit , including full wetsuit
  • Snack
  • Drinks
  • Bilingual guide

Does Not Include

Transportation to and from our office in La Paz
Gratuities (10-15% cash recommended).

Direct Reservation

Online Reservation

*Please, before booking online, contact our office in La Paz regarding weather conditions and availability.

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