Sea Kayaking and Gray Whales Research Camp

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Epic sea adventure on both coasts of Baja Sur, including sea kayaking on the Gulf side, and whale watching on the Pacific.

This combination expedition allows you to live two of natures great experiences. Eco Migrations will show you around this unforgettable spot, as you celebrate with family or friends, and enjoy delicious freshly made meals, Baja California wine, happy hour, snacks and more. First, you’ll find yourself paddling along the beautiful coast of Espiritu Santo Island, with flexibility and time to improve your sea kayaking skills, hike desert trails, snorkel in chilly water full of colorful fish and invertebrates, or just relax on the beach reading a good book. Then, we will move on the Pacific Coast to celebrate one of the longest wildlife migrations on the planet by having a close encounter with gray whales in the biggest breeding and meeting grounds in the Mexican Pacific –Bahía Almejas. Enjoy our camp located in a remote area of the bay, and meet with the 40 ton gray whales and their calves.
Espiritu Santo Island has so much to offer, from beautiful sandy beaches, to dramatic cliff faces and bird-filled mangroves, and a great way to explore this island is by sea kayak. With so many different areas to explore and so many things to do, we offer you the opportunity to fully experience the tranquillity and excitement of Espiritu Santo Island by camping with us at Bonanza Beach, giving you the time to enjoy all there is to do over a few days.

Head back to La Paz for a day of civilization and a warm shower, and then we are off again to Almejas Bay, the southernmost bay of Baja California Sur used by the Gray whales on their winter migration. Here they use the warm shallow waters to mate and calve.

From mid January to mid March, we are very excited to take groups to camp on the remote and exquisite Isla Santa Margarita, from where we can go in search of the visiting Gray whales every morning. From mothers with calves, to spy-hopping individuals and traveling groups, there is so much to observe, as well as dolphins, which are seen throughout the bay, sea lions around several rookeries, and many different marine bird species. Each day our team will collect photo-ID data of the Gray whales observed to develop a catalogue of individuals visiting Bahía Almejas and understand how the whales are using the bay during the season. You will be very welcome to assist our team and learn first-hand field-research techniques, and how it translates to conservation. From our campsite we have access to stunning hikes across dunes and along the coast, as well as the opportunity to stand-up-paddle board and kayak around the coastline and near the mangroves. Over 5 days, we will appreciate one of the longest animal migrations, explore remote coastlines and rich mangroves, relax at sunset with happy hour cocktails, stargaze, and satiate our appetites with fresh local food!

Our rendezvous is in La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur, from where we’ll get to Espiritu Santo Island. Once there, you´ll find yourself in “the world’s greatest aquarium”to quote Jacques Cousteau. From swimming with the biggest fish in the world, to gliding through the waters of the many bays of Espiritu Santo in kayaks, to snorkelling with the beguiling sea lions, and watching Gray whales with the sunrise, we are delighted to take you on this adventure!

Trip Details


Early January – Mid March –

Trip Duration

13 nights/14 days, 4 hotel nights, 5 nights at Espiritu Santo Island Camp and and 4 nights at Margarita Island Camp


  • Four hotel nights
  • Nine  comfortable camping nights: five nights on the beautiful Espiritu Santo Island during the kayaking trip, and four comfortable nights camping on the beautiful Bahía Almejas during the whale watching trip
  • Transfers to and from the camp sites during the trip

  • All meals and drinks during time on camp sites
  • All camping and recreational equipment on land and on the island (sea kayaking equipment included)
  • Conservation passport

Does Not Include

Airfare, taxis, meals and other expenses while not on the island.
Gratuities (10-15% cash recommended)

Direct Reservation

Online Reservation

*Please, before booking online, contact our office in La Paz regarding weather conditions and availability.

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