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Gray Whale Research Camp
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Spend your days watching and studying Gray Whales from our comfortable Almejas Bay base camp

Welcome to our Gray Whale Research Camp at Margarita Island, on the Pacific Coast of Baja California Sur. After a 2.5 hour drive from La Paz, we arrive at Puerto Chale, board our skiff, and within 15 minutes, we start spotting our first whales. Soon, we are completely surrounded by spy hopping, breaching and swimming animals. We can hear their blows all around us, in stereo, and see them all the way to the horizon. There are mothers and calves, inquisitive, yet cautious. There are mating groups, oblivious to the world, focused only on the task at hand. Every whale is doing their own thing. We spend about three hours out on the water, watching their behaviors, and if possible, taking photographs to later identify the individuals and study the population.

After that introduction to whale life around Margarita Island, we head to our Research Camp for lunch, getting installed and having our initial briefing, which will cover kayaking and what the expect over the next few days. Our Research Camp allows visitors to experience gray whales in close proximity, waking and sleeping while these animals swim in the bay outside our tents. There are also large numbers of marine birds in the area, as there are several rookeries nearby, specifically frigate birds and cormorants. We will explore this shoreline and mangroves by foot, sea kayak or stand up paddle board (SUP).

When we aren’t out exploring, we are enjoying our camp, which includes hot meals of local cuisine, a daily happy hour, and hot water showers. Our camp runs every year from mid January to early March, giving our researchers the opportunity to work with the whales most of the season.

In the morning after a hearty hot breakfast, we will set off for our days activities, with new bays and beaches to explore each day, with new views for our lunch breaks. After the days’ activities you will be welcomed back to camp to put your feet up and reflect on the day with sunset happy hour, followed by a very welcomed dinner. On top of kayaking, we are delighted for you to experience nature walks, sea kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

For 4 nights and 5 days you can immerse yourself in island life. The expedition includes two hotel nights in La Paz, at the beginning and end of the trip. It includes sea kayaking, all the meals and beverages at our Research Camp and accommodation in our camping tents.

Come join us in our exploration of Almejas Bay!

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Trip Details


  • Two hotel nights in La Paz, at the beginning and end of the trip
  • 4 comfortable nights camping at our Research Camp on the beautiful Margarita Island
  • Ground transfers (La Paz-Bahía Almejas-La Paz)
  • All meals and drinks from breakfast on day two through lunch on day six
  • Camping and recreational equipment on the island
  • Conservation passport

Does Not Include

Airfare, taxis, meals and other expenses while not on the island.
Gratuities (10-15% cash recommended)

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Direct Reservation

Online Reservation

*Please, before booking online, contact our office in La Paz regarding weather conditions and availability.

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