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About Eco Migrations
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Meet Eco Migrations

We are a small, local, owner operated tour company. Started in 2012 by José Juan Puebla, we aim to provide fun, safe, ecologically conscious experiences that showcase our wonderful little corner of the world, the La Paz Bay and Espiritu Santo Island. We are located on the Gulf of California, and are home to an impressive array of wildlife including whale sharks that come to feed on the rich cold water up-swellings from October to May; sea lions, who live here year round and have a colony on the northern tip of Espiritu Santo Island; migrating whales of various species, usually found during winter; Mobula, or devil, rays, which are found year round but form huge aggregations in April and May, jumping out of the water in one of nature’s great mysteries; and many other species of birds, fish and plants.

Our guiding principles are:

Service – Our first goal is to serve you, our guest. In order to make your experience as fun and enjoyable as possible, we have a team whose sole function is to ensure this outcome. At Eco Migrations, we will seek to accommodate all travelers’ needs and interests, and usually build our experiences alongside our guests, listening to what you want and co-creating the trip, within the limits set by park regulations, safety and sustainability.

Safety – Our staff and guides are constantly completing courses to update their skills and obtaining certifications to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible. Guides all have first aid certifications, and some are even Wilderness First Responders certified by NOLS. Most our staff have many years of experience working in this field, and those of us that are just getting started always work under the watchful eye of senior staff members.

Regenerative Tourism – We know we work here thanks to Mother Nature’s bounty, and we do our best to not only reduce the impact of our activities, but contribute to the wellbeing and restoration of our environment. Some of the things we do include reducing our waste as much as possible by using reusable or recyclable beverage containers (no plastic bottles here!), and minimizing the use of single use plastics when we purchase food; we have also decreased the physical footprint of our camps to reduce sand compaction on our beach.

Our Team

A little more about us? Meet the Eco Migrations team!!

Our fearless leader, José Juan Puebla, founded Eco Migrations in 2012. JJ moved to La Paz in 1995 to study Marine Biology at the local university and never left. He has over 16 years experience working as a naturalist, sea kayak guide, and divemaster in this area. Additionally, he has worked as a researcher and Marine Mammal Observer all over the world including in Senegal, Liberia, Oman, Iceland, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Erin Francke joined the team in 2017, when she moved to La Paz from Mexico City. She studied economics in an act of teenage rebellion, but is the daughter of biologists and nature has always been her passion. Erin did Peace Corps in Senegal from 2007-2009, earned a graduate degree from Cambridge University and worked at the World Resources Institute and then Global Green Growth Institute in Mexico City before joining Eco Migrations.

Emer McCoy, a zoologist from London, began working within marine biology in 2013 after graduating. Before joining Eco Migrations, her work primarily focussed on whale shark research, running research projects for an NGO. Emer joined Eco Migrations in 2018 to develop the research projects with Jose Juan.

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