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Wildlife and Adventure in the Sea of Cortez
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Wildlife Travel, Family Adventures, Volunteer Expeditions...
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Sea Kayaking Excursions to Islands and Beaches in the Sea of Cortez
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Welcome to our home on the Sea of Cortez

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About us

Eco Migrations is located in La Paz, near the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. We have a privileged location, because the fabulous La Paz Bay is right outside our door, and it is home to whale sharks, sea lions, Mobula rays and multiple species of dolphins, birds and fish. We also receive migrating whale species in the winter months, and we never know what we are going to find on a day out at sea.

We offer a variety of single and multi-day expeditions, and all of them are fully customizable, so if you want something special, let us know so we can design the perfect one for you. We also run research projects studying Bottlenose dolphins in La Paz Bay and Gray Whales in Almejas Bay, so if you are looking to participate in citizen science or paid volunteering projects.

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