This trip is especially designed for

snorkeling and wildlife enthusiasts.

This seasonal experience allows you to snorkel with

whale sharks,

and right after that, get ready to enjoy

a boat ride along

Espiritu Santo Island

and its amazing geological landscapes!

Once we get to

Los Islotes

you can observe a great amount of fish,

invertebrates and birds.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to

snorkel with sea lions

in their natural habitat.

These sea lions are used to human presence.

You’ll feel very lucky to experience

a face-to-face encounter with these

cute playful puppies

and you’ll witness the power of the

great adult females and males resting on

the rocks or swimming by.

The journey includes:



A bilingual guide

A full wet suit

A snorkel kit



$135.00 USD/per traveler

four travelers minimum



Please, before booking on line,

contact our office in La Paz

regarding availability.