13 days of Sea Kayaking and Whale Watching

Early January – late February

This epic sea adventure will take you both to the Sea of Cortez and to the Pacific Ocean.

This combination trip allows you to live two of natures great experiences. First, you’ll find yourself paddling along the beautiful coast of Espiritu Santo Island, with flexibility and time to improve your sea kayaking skills, hike desert trails, snorkel in chilly water full of colorful fish and invertebrates, or just relax on the beach reading a good book. Then, we will move on the Pacific Coast to celebrate one of the longest wildlife migrations on the planet by having a close encounter with gray whales in the biggest breeding and meeting grounds in the Mexican Pacific –Bahía Almejas. Enjoy our camp located in a remote area of the bay, and meet with the 40 ton gray whales and their calves.

Our days will take on a predictable rhythm at our camps. Base camp consists of either safari-style tents or trekking tents (depending on the location, we cannot have two base camps simultaneously). Our safari-style tents include comfortable cots and pillows to sleep on, and the trekking tents have Thermarests and full bedding to make you as comfortable as possible. These will be your homes away from home. Every day, we rise with the Sun for some coffee and some quiet time before breakfast. Then we head off to the adventure of the day – swimming with whale sharks or sea lions; whale watching and kayaking. We usually take a lunch along, and only return to camp after wrapping up for the day. At camp, there are Sun showers so we can take a warm rinse, followed by a happy hour (typically consisting of something like margaritas and ceviche, or piña colada and pop corn). After a warm dinner, we are off to bed early, to repeat it all the next day.

At Eco Migrations we are deeply committed to turning your experience into an example of how responsible tourism can create a comfortable and trusting playground shared by whales and humans. We also monitor and study Gray whales during this season with our photo-identification research project. You can read more about that here.


Price includes:

– Three hotel nights.

– Nine  comfortable camping nights : five nights on the beautiful Espiritu Santo Island during the kayaking trip, and four comfortable nights camping on the beautiful Bahía Almejas during the whale watching trip.

– Transfers to and from the camp sites during the trip.

– All meals and drinks from breakfast on day two through dinner on day twelve.

– All camping and recreational equipment on land and on the island (sea kayaking equipment included).

– Conservation passport.


Price does not include:

Airfare, taxis, custom ordered wines and meals while not camping, gratuities (10-15% cash recommended).

Please enquire about special needs for kids or for yourself.


Trip fee $3,290.00 USD/person

Based on double occupancy