If you’re looking to maximize your time in Baja California Sur, Eco Migrations offers combination trips that aim to do just that. These trips combine sea kayaking with our other activities, depending on the season. The meeting point for all our trips is in La Paz, capital of Baja California Sur. From there, we leave for our camp sites early in the morning on the first day to start paddling, snorkeling, swimming with whale sharks, whale watching and SCUBA diving in “the world’s greatest aquarium”, the Sea of Cortez.

Our days take on a rhythms aligned with the Sun. We rise early for coffee and breakfast, perhaps accompanies by a morning nature walk or some yoga on the beach. We then spend our days having fun in the sun, with all our meals fully catered by our excellent kitchen staff. Imagine spending the day kayaking and snorkeling, only to come back to camp for a happy hour including a pitcher of margaritas and some fresh ceviche. After a hot dinner, we are off to bed early, to repeat the whole thing the next day. Time takes on a different quality out on the island, allowing you to connect to the natural world surrounding you and your fellow travelers.

There are two combinations trips available. One includes diving while on the island, which is surrounded by world-class dive sites. The second expedition, which includes Gray whale watching, splits time between two locations, Espiritu Santo Island and the Pacific whale lagoon of Puerto Chale. During February and March, this is a great trip to make the most of two of Mother Nature’s great shows – everything on offer around Espíritu Santo (Whale sharks, Sea lions, snorkeling…) and the Gray whale winter grounds.